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The agreement to render services is between Hilyer Dispute Resolution (“HDR”) and the attorney or representative of each of the participating parties.  Attorneys and client representatives are responsible for payment of their clients’ share of arbitration or other specialized services costs by the date due and are advised to pre-collect the projected fees prior to the cancellation date.  HDR is not responsible for obtaining payment from individual or business clients of attorney.  Written confirmation of the fee allocation and commitment to pay must be received prior to the final confirmation of scheduled time.


Fees for scheduled time are required in advance and due on or before the cancellation date, which is twenty-one (21) days before the scheduled hearing for cases set for one to two (1-2) days, twenty-eight (28) days before hearing for cases set for more than two (2+) days, and thirty (35) days before hearing for cases set for four (4) days; more than 4 days, cancellation date will be determined as set forth in our engagement letter.  Failure to pay by the due date may result in the removal of the matter from our calendar.  Additional fees, including fees for award/decision preparation, conference calls, or hearing overrun time, are due upon receipt of the invoice. Awards/decisions are issued when all accounts are paid in full.  Any party may advance fees in order for the matter to proceed.


To avoid lost-time charges, you must notify our offices of any cancellations or agreed continuances by the cancellation date (21 days prior to scheduled session set for 1-2 days; 28 days prior to cases set for 2+ days; 35 days prior to cases set for 4 days; more than 4 days, cancellation date will be determined as set forth in the engagement letter).  If you notify our offices of cancellations or continuances after the cancellation date, lost-time charges will be incurred. Lost-time charges consist of the fees for all scheduled hearing time that we are unable to fill with another matter and the fees for any preparation/study and review/decision time already performed. Filing fees are non-refundable. Credit to lost-time charges will be given for any time that can be filled. If a request for cancellation or continuance is not by mutual agreement, the canceling/continuing party or parties will be responsible for the lost-time fees of all parties. If a party to a multi-party matter cancels or settles out at any time prior to the hearing, the total hearing fees will be adjusted, if necessary, and reallocated among the remaining parties. If the cancellation of that party results in a cancellation of the hearing, the canceling party will be responsible for the lost-time charges of all parties. After the cancellation date, fees for scheduled time that are only partially used are not refundable.


Filing Fee $500.00/per party

Judge Hilyer (ret) Prep Time, Session Time, Additional Time: 2022: $720.00/hr; 2023:  $750.00/hr

Judge Inveen (ret) Prep Time, Session Time, Additional Time: 2022: $630.00/hr; 2023:  $660.00/hr

Minimum Charge:  A minimum of one full day (8.0 hours) will be charged for arbitration hearing dates.


A diligent, inclusive and thoughtful approach to resolution of each case.




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